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Perfecting the imperfect nose is possible with skilled rhinoplasty nose surgery

Rhinoplasty can help improve a nose that is too wide, too crooked, too short, or too long. Bumps or humps on the nose can be removed. The size, shape, angle, and definition of the nose's tip can also be adjusted. Rhinoplasty can also repair a deviated septum, which can help correct breathing problems caused by such a condition. The procedure will help the patient to have a natural-appearing nose that is balanced to the remainder of the face and adds to the existing beauty of the eyes and lips. The procedure should not be performed until the patient's facial growth and development has completed; generally, that age is 15-16 years old for women and 16-17 years old for men.

Procedure: The basic technique involves the separation of the skin from the underlying tissue and cartilage. The cartilage is easily shaped for enlargement or reduction, depending on the patient's needs. A simply procedure is completed within two hours, with more complex contouring taking a bit longer.
Once done, the skin is put back on top of the cartilage and possibly sutured. A splint will be necessary for the first week or so in order to provide support and shaping for the newly redesigned nose.

Most patients are extremely satisfied with the results. They're permanent and will leave you with a lasting happiness that stems from a boost in self-confidence. Get involved with your self-image and think about a nose surgery today.

Nose Surgery duration and anesthesia: Usually 45 minutes until 2 hours, under local or general anesthesia, depending on the type of the operation.

Recovery For 2 days nasal packs. The splint will be removed after 2 weeks. Most of the edema and ecchymosis usually disappear within this period.

Rare complications: Swollen eyelids and surrounding tissues, mild postop bleeding.